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Steering Committee

At our plenary meeting in Calgary in October 2004, participants concluded a substantive discussion of the TBWG's accomplishments, its structure, and future directions.  It was agreed at that time that a more focused Subcommittee should be formed to examine options for implementing change within the TBWG, and for charting new directions.   Following the meeting in Calgary, the new Subcommittee produced an Options Paper that contained fifteen recommendations for improving the TBWG.  One of the key recommendations implemented from the Options Paper was the formation of a representative Steering Committee.   The new Steering Committee confirmed its membership in June 2005, and held its first conference call that same month. 

Guided by the TBWG’s Terms of Reference and Annual Action Plan, the mandate of the Steering Committee is to aid in fulfilling the TBWG’s mission by providing for the inclusive, productive, and efficient coordination and communication of TBWG activities.  As such, the scope of the Steering Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • The planning of bi-annual plenary meetings in Canada and the U.S.;
  • The management of the official TBWG website;
  • Consultation and communication with TBWG Subcommittees; and
  • Coordination and communication of information between the TBWG and other organizations and regions.

The Steering Committee is permanently co-chaired by representatives from Transport Canada and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, and is comprised of 4 additional seats:  two permanent seats are extended to representatives from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in recognition of the lead role that those agencies occupy in the area of border management; two rotational seats are reserved exclusively for state and provincial partners.  Membership on the Steering Committee, whether new or renewed, is confirmed annually at the spring plenary meeting.  Transport Canada and the Federal Highway Administration each provide Secretariat resources to help organize the Steering Committee. 

TBWG Steering Committee members include:

Daniel McGregor
Transport Canada
Tel: (613) 998-1929
Roger Petzold
U.S. Federal Highway Administration
Tel: (202) 366-4074

Dan Lagacé
Canada Border Services Agency
Tel: (613) 952-8529
Hugh Conroy
Whatcom Council of Governments
Tel: (360) 676-6974

Kris Wisniewski
Eastern Border Transportation Coalition
Tel: (517) 721-1253
Julia Moore
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Tel: (202) 325-7014

We invite you to contact any one of our Steering Committee members directly for more information on the TBWG, its meetings, and activities.